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Kukuli Banda

I am a 2nd year transfer student majoring in Global Disease Biology and Minoring in Public Health. I transferred from American River College in Sacramento, CA.

Campus Involvement:

I am currently on board for the Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students as Co-Outreach. We are an organization on campus to help and support each other on our path to medicine while committing ourselves to community service in our community and on campus. I am also involved with Mujeres Ayudando la Raza, where we give back to the community through service, promoting higher education to lower income communities, and supporting populations such as the local migrant population.

Hobbies:  I love to try new foods and travel. I enjoy spending time with family and friends. With friends I enjoy exploring around Davis and Sacramento and going on hikes or runs in the area.

Advice for transfer students: Prioritize your courses and studying but don’t be afraid to get involved in campus organizations, research, or community service. Don’t be afraid to go up to organizations tabling and ask them what their organization does, and how you can get involved. Don’t be afraid to speak to your TAs or professors; the class size may be a big change from community college, but you can learn a lot from your professors in office hours. Have fun, and have a good balance for enjoying your college experience. 


Myra Casillas

I am a 2nd year transfer student majoring in Spanish and double majoring in Communications. I transferred from East Los Angeles College in Los Angeles, CA.

Campus Involvement: UC Davis has been extremely different than my community college, especially because I wasn’t used to the quarter system. Although the quarter system is much faster than the semester system, I was able to manage my studies and join Beyond the Stats. Beyond the Stats gives me the opportunity to advocate for social justice and support students who have been informally incarcerated. In addition, UC Davis gave me the opportunity to contribute to the Humanizing Deportation project which allows me to learn the challenges that many deportees face after deportation.

Hobbies:  Outside of my studies, I enjoy reading Latin American literature and tutoring elementary students and colleagues. I also enjoy volunteering at the LGBTQIA Center and playing pool with my friends.

Advice for transfer students: I recommend transfer and reentry students to get involved with clubs and organizations. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions, get involved in research projects, or ask for help if needed. Take advantage of the resources that UC Davis offers!


Jaxon Grandchamp

I am a 4th year Psychology major Women and Gender Studies minor & 2nd year transfer student from Sierra College in Rocklin, CA

Campus Involvement: I frequently attend and support the Football, Basketball, and Softball teams. I am a research assistant intern at the Imaging Research Center located at the UCD Med Center in Sac where we study early psychosis with a fMRI. I have attended almost all of the workshops that OEOES has offered and would highly recommend them.

Hobbies: I don't have hobbies per se but you can usually find me at the gym, relaxing with friends, or at home with my wife and 4 pets. I often fall down the rabbit hole that is Wikipedia. At any given moment I will have 90-100 tabs open on my browser. I am a huge sports fan (my favorites: Angels, 49ers, & Sharks) and love to talk shop with people.

Advice for transfer students: Don't wait! If there is anything you want to do or looks interesting, do it! Don't hesitate or put it off for the next year. Your time at UC Davis is too short to say "next time". Meet new people and go out. Your workload might be crazy but be sure to make time for yourself. Self-care is vital. If you dedicate 100% to school work the 2 years will pass you by without making any memories. If you live off campus, make sure to stay on campus longer than just your class hours so you can take in all that the campus has to offer.


Gracie Gravley

Hi, I am a 4th year transfer student from Marin County. I transferred in the fall of 2017 from UC Santa Cruz, where I was working towards a Plant Sciences major and Art History Minor.

Campus Involvement: Here at UC Davis, I am a plant sciences major with a focus in entomology, and I love learning about plant pollinator relationships and co-evolution.

Hobbies: I spend a good deal of my time working on school stuff, but while I am not doing that, I have tons of hobbies. I am the co-creator of a feminist fashion podcast that I work on with my roommate. I am super interested in American Art History, especially in the realm of representing marginalized communities. I live with two Great Danes that I love talking about and taking pictures of. You might see me riding around school on my 1976 yellow CB400F motorcycle. I love cars and motorcycles, and have had a fair amount of experience working on them myself. I love to garden and have tons of plants. I also love to photograph plants and bugs alike. I love basketball, video games, water coloring, singing, hanging with my big Greek family, and cooking yummy food.

Advice for transfer students: Give events on campus a chance! I remember coming to school thinking I wouldn’t make any friends, and I met my best friend during orientation! There are tons of people here that have similar interests with you, and there is a community on campus that you will fit into. There are many events on campus full of people just like you ready to make friends, have an open mind about things, you just might discover your new best friend!


Louella Lopez

I am a 2nd year transfer student majoring in Psychology A.B. with a minor in Communication. I transferred from Chabot College in Hayward, CA.

Campus Involvement: I have frequently attended workshops and socials, especially those hosted by the TRC.  My community is at the TRC!  I also attend physical education classes to keep me healthy.

Hobbies: Other than watching T.V. or YouTube videos and spending time with family and friends, whatever activity is of interest to me at this time!  Just exploring and learning new things or just doing something I haven’t done in years is fun for me!  A sample of my changing interests, I went from learning Judo techniques, to weightlifting, to swimming, and to running within 12 months.

Advice for transfer students: Balance your time!  You are spending at least 2 to 3 years as an undergraduate student at UC Davis, which goes by very quickly!  Give yourself time for studying, relaxing, internships, being with family, or however you want to spend time while attending UC Davis without stressing yourself out!  Make your time at UC Davis fun and fulfilling!