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Alexandria Garcia

I am a second year transfer student majoring in English and earning a minor in Professional Writing. I transferred from San Joaquin Delta College located in Stockton, California.

Campus Involvement: When I’m not in the TRC, you can often find me reading in the gardens of the English Department, enjoying a cup of coffee at the COHO, or studying with my friends at the Veterans Success Center in the Memorial Union.

Hobbies: In my free time, I enjoy using my creativity in pursuits such as scrap booking, creative writing/poetry, and sketching. I typically use my sketches to later create graphic designs with and make colorful illustrations art and crafts projects I’m working on. I also like to bake cakes and cookies while watching Netflix or Disney+.

Advice for Transfer Students: Embrace the experiences you can have at UC Davis, there are so many opportunities to make connections with fellow Aggies. By using campus resources like the Scholars Programs, Campus Recreation Center, and First Year Aggie Connections to support you and have fun on campus, you can end up making wonderful memories if you’re only brave enough to embrace this time in your life.

Arely Martinez Yanez

What’s the color of the sun? Yellow :D I am a 2nd year transfer student majoring in Political Science-Public service as well as minoring in Psychology. I transferred from Glendale Community College in Glendale California.

Campus Involvement: As a transfer student, it often feels as though it's a race against time. For this reason, right off the bat I looked for spaces that fostered community and support. I first got involved with Scholars Promoting Education, Awareness, and Knowledge(SPEAK). Through SPEAK  I joined rallies in Sacramento, attended DACA workshops, and participated in banner drops to raise awareness regarding the SCOTUS DACA hearing. I also volunteered with the AB540 and Undocumented center by tending the front desk to welcome students entering the center. During Winter quarter, I got involved with the California Youth Connection, a youth led organization whose aim is to transform the foster care system. Campus involvement not only motivates me to work through the hurdles of academia but also to be a part of efforts bigger than myself.

Hobbies: I enjoy dancing, singing, knitting, listening to music, painting, and reading. I might not be what society constitutes as “good” but I enjoy myself, which is what matters. In addition, in my spare time I enjoy meeting new people through community events held on campus. I’ve attended community dinners, study jams, retreats, Bob Ross painting, and workshop series. I am someone who does not knock something until I try it and will always be willing to attend events to build community.

Advice for transfer students: My advice is to be yourself, utilize your resources, and have fun. Transferring comes with a number of challenges but being yourself will attract the people who empower you. At the same time, challenge yourself to do something out of your comfort zone like joining a club, volunteering, or attending school events. While you take this time to grow, know that you are not alone. UCD has many resources available from tutoring to group therapies. Lastly, while it is easy to get caught up with academia and being involved don’t forget to enjoy the ride. I encourage you to go to a sports game, attend picnic day, claim your ticket for a free concert at the Mondavi center, or attend the many game nights hosted by the TRC throughout the year. We are all learning as we go so why not do it together? Community will be your new best friend.

Chloe Rice

I am a 2nd year transfer majoring in psychology with an emphasis in biology and minoring in sociology. I transferred from Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, CA and San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, CA.

Campus Involvement: I use the Memorial Union, South Coffee House (COHO) and Shields Library for studying. When I am not studying, I really enjoy group classes at the Activities Recreation Center (ARC) and walking through the Arboretum.

Hobbies: I was raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains and through that became a lover of the outdoors. I spend as much time possible dirt biking, hiking, swimming, camping and fishing. During my downtime you can find me spending time with family, reading, listening to podcasts, and of course binge-watching TV. I barely knew how to ride a bike before moving to Davis, despite being able to ride a dirt bike, but I have since begun exploring the town on my bike and strengthening my biking skills.

Advice for Transfer Students: Breathe. Remember that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I advise you to take a deep breath and fully dive into every experience that sparks joy and brings you closer to discovering yourself. Grow, learn, and thrive. And don’t forget to study!

Heledanne Woldesselasie

I am a second year transfer student majoring in Global Disease Biology and following the premed route.  I transferred from De Anza Community College in Cupertino, California.

Campus Involvement: I am a volunteer at the student run clinic called Imani clinic, which serves the under-served communities in Sacramento. I am a member of the CAMPS research program and I am an intern at the Western Human Nutrition Research Center. There are many ways for someone to gain an experience so once you know what you want to do, the experiences will be waiting for you. If you don't know what you want to do just yet, you can try new things and it will point the way.

Hobbies: I really enjoy reading mystery novels, drawing, writing sketches and watching movies. I watch a ton of movies so if you have a good recommendation, let me know!    

Advice for Transfer Students: College is a long journey, at the end of it you will become someone completely new so don’t worry about not fitting in or not doing as well as you would like to at the beginning. Through the challenges you will grow stronger and become the person you want to be. Believe in yourself, reach out for help and always remember you are not alone. You can do anything that you set your mind to. The sky's the limit.

Lily Sanchez

I am a 3rd year transfer student majoring in History with a minor in Japanese. I transferred from Sacramento City College but also spent some time at Folsom Lake College.

Campus Involvement: When I am not studying in the library or TRC, I often enjoy taking exploratory walks around campus. I always feel like there are new places to check out or I simply walk through my favorite tree-covered areas. I also enjoy attending campus workshops whenever I can.

Hobbies: I have an interest in virtually all creative endeavors. The first thing I remember drawing was a star when I was three or four years old and it sparked a lifelong love of painting and drawing. Art was my first major, but I changed it after I decided to keep art as a means to unwind. I also enjoy knitting, crocheting, and sewing. While I don’t have the attention span to make something large like a blanket, I often make small accessories such as hats or wallets. I have also been in a writers’ group for many years and enjoy writing and brainstorming fantasy/sci-fi stories. Of course, sometimes it is nice to just sit and relax with a movie or a video game.

Advice for transfer students: Take full advantage of the workshops — they help! The workshops contain great information and during my first quarter they helped me get better acquainted with campus and the various services offered.