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Alondra Santiago

I am a 2nd year transfer student working on earning my A.B. in Political Science as well as minoring in Women and Gender Studies. I transferred from College of the Sequoias located in Visalia, Ca.

Campus Involvement: Over the adjustment period here at Davis, I became involved in Ignite. It is an organization that shares my passion. This ultimately made the adjustment to the campus an easier transition as Ignite truly helped me become acclimated to the campus culture. Inclusively, it has helped me stay up to date with the current events of interest to me. Due to my involvement in the organizations, I have been able to participate in protests.

Hobbies:  I love trying new activities in relation to the outdoors; however, my favorite pastime is trying new foods. If there is food involved, I am there.  

Advice for transfer students: I advise you to go to office hours, talk to your TAs, and talk to your professors! It is extremely helpful. Additionally, try to interact and talk to your peers in class because they may not only become some of your closest friends, but they may also be in a course you take in the future.  It is also a perfect way to develop a study group.

Cesar Cuevas

I am a 2nd year transfer student majoring in International Relations and Minoring in Education. I transferred from Mt. San Antonio College in southern California.

Campus Involvement: I love to play REC Sports and Intra-murals through the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC) as well as attending the many different sporting events held at UC Davis. I also attend a large number of campus workshops/events, hosted by many different programs, to see what information I can gather to improve life here at UC Davis.

Hobbies: I am a huge sports fan (Angels, Barcelona, & Clippers) so if there’s a game on I’m usually watching. I also enjoy de-stressing activities such as going to the gym and playing video games. I love listening to Pod Casts (Pardon My Take, Sports? & Waking Up) throughout the day to take my mind off of school.

Advice for transfer students: Consider taking First Year Seminar (FYS) courses to alleviate academic pressure and possibly find something that interests you. They have courses for fun and life improvement that I really benefited from. Get involved with the Transfer and Reentry Center (TRC)! There is the moment for most transfer students, usually in the first quarter, where you feel alone or lost, and the TRC can help you find your way.

Fidda Junaid

I am a 2nd year transfer student majoring in Psychology B.S. with a biological emphasis. I transferred from Ohlone College in Fremont, California which is also my hometown.

Campus Involvement: I am a premed student, therefore am very involved with the Health Peer Advising Center. I attend all their workshops and join their Med Prep sessions. I also do a Health Related Internship at UCDMC almost every quarter to get hands on experience in the hospital. I also like to volunteer at different campus events to get to know the community better and meet new people.

Hobbies: When I am not spending time studying, there is a variety of things I like to do. My favorite pastime is to spend quality time with my family and friends. I love meeting new people and making new friends to socialize with. I also love to play with my dog and take her out on walks. When I have time off from school I like to travel, explore new places and make new memories. I also love taking selfies and using snapchat!

Advice for transfer students: Make the most out of your experience here at Davis! As a transfer or reentry student, it can be hard to adjust to the change that life at UC Davis brings but if you manage your time well, you will succeed in achieving your goals. Although studying is very important, know that this undergraduate experience is a once in a lifetime experience and that to make the most out of it you have to get involved on campus. Whether it be clubs, student organizations or even research in labs, no matter what interests you, don’t be afraid to join and get involved!

Lily Sanchez

I am a 2nd year transfer student majoring in History with a minor in Japanese. I transferred from Sacramento City College but also spent some time at Folsom Lake College.

Campus Involvement: When I’m not studying in the library or TRC I often enjoy taking exploratory walks around campus. I always feel like there are new places to check out or I simply walk through my favorite tree-covered areas. I also enjoy attending campus workshops whenever I can.

Hobbies: I have an interest in virtually all creative endeavors. The first thing I remember drawing was a star when I was three or four years old and it sparked a lifelong love of painting and drawing. Art was my first major, but I changed it after I decided to keep art as a means to unwind. I also enjoy knitting, crocheting, and sewing. While I don’t have the attention span to make something large like a blanket, I often make small accessories such as hats or wallets. I have also been in a writers’ group for many years and enjoy writing and brainstorming fantasy/sci-fi stories. Of course, sometimes it is nice to just sit and relax with a movie or a video game.

Advice for transfer students: Take full advantage of the workshops — they help! The workshops contain great information and during my first quarter they helped me get better acquainted with campus and the various services offered.

Raquel Rodriguez

Hi! I am a 2nd year transfer student from Santa Ana College in Orange County, CA. I am an Animal Science major with a focus on companion and captive animals.

Campus Involvement: It took some time for me to adjust to this new life in NorCal away from loved ones back home, and have not done as much on campus as I wish I could have. However, now I am taking full advantage of all the resources I have available. I frequently attend workshops hosted by Office of Educational Opportunity and Enrichment Services (OEOES) and the Transfer and Reentry Center (TRC). I also currently volunteer as a pet-sitter for a UC Davis Veterinary student through the SAVMA Pet sitting Program. This program was announced by the Vet Aide Club, and has been highly beneficial and fun for me!

Hobbies: Whenever I am not studying, I am on the phone with my family and loved ones back home! I love face timing with my family because not only do I miss them, but I also miss my six furry, 4-legged children. I love to spend time with my husband doing our favorite things together like eating out, trying new foods, watching T.V. shows on Netflix, traveling during our breaks and much more! I love to listen to music and learn new songs on the piano. One fun fact about me is that I used to hate biking, but now I love it because I save money on parking permits and gas. It is also a plus because it gets me to exercise during the day!

Advice for transfer students: Get involved as soon as you can or feel comfortable! This is my second year at UC Davis and I keep looking back to my first year here and am in disbelief at how quickly time flies. The more involved you are on campus, the higher chances of. Getting involved does not necessarily mean joining clubs or doing sports, but it may be as simple as attending workshops, studying at the TRC, getting to know people at different centers on campus and much more! Find your spot. Find your group of people. Make memories!