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  • Foundations for University Success – Introduction to Research at a Tier 1 University

    (EDU 198) Foundations for University Success – Introduction to Research at a Tier 1 University: Introduction to research skills, such as developing critical thinking, study skills, writing skills, and presentation skills.  Focus will be on basic research, group projects, and presentations.

    Recommended for international students

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  • Opportunities in East Asian Studies

    Which program studies the 2nd and 3rd largest world economies? Which program looks into some of the longest lasting civilizations in the world? Which program covers inquiries on more than a quarter of the world’s population? The East Asian Studies Program focuses on this vibrant region in the world. This seminar aims to introduce students to study, work, and research opportunities in East Asian Studies. It will be team-taught by a group of EAS faculty and advising staff in the form of workshops and lectures. The lectures and discussions will provide an introduction of resources and opportunities in EAS both on campus and abroad, a survey of interdisciplinary topics in EAS, and faculty lectures on cutting-edge new research. We will provide access to a wide variety of intellectual stimulation and scholarly interactions to the students including film screenings, cultural celebrations, lectures, colloquia, symposia, and workshops by visiting and campus scholars, some are leading experts in the world. Because EAS provides much flexibility to students in their educational path, this seminar introduces ways for students to tailor their degree curricula to their interests and needs.

    Open To All New Students

    • Time and Location: Thursdays, 12:10–1 p.m., SS&H 273
    • Register: This Connection is for credit. To join, add this course in ScheduleBuilder during your registration time using CRN: 35884

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