Cost Relief & Forms

Applying to EOP

  • While completing the online UC Undergraduate Application for Admission, applicants can apply to EOP by following the instructions on the application. Once admitted, students can confirm their EOP status by viewing a link to “EOP information” on their MyAdmissions.  
  • Individuals accepted to UC Davis but not yet enrolled in the university may contact Brenda Lance at to obtain an application form. Students will receive a response within 7-10 business days of returning the completed application.
  • Click here to appeal an eligibility decision.


EOP Verification for Calfresh

What it is?

  • A document that officially confirms you are an EOP student and is necessary to process your Calfresh membership.

How do I get it?

  • Step 1: Meet with Calfresh Representative Max Vaca
  • Step 2: Visit a PAC/Call the office and request a verification letter
  • Step 3: Wait 10-14 business days to receive a response via e-mail


Emergency and Cognitive Testing Funds

What is it?

  • Provides financial assistance of up to $600 for EOP students who need psycho-educational testing to determine if they have a learning disability. Contact

Application Procedure: Steps

  • 1. Obtain Professional Referral
  • Meet with a physician or counselor at the Student Health and Counseling Center to determine if you need educational testing. Receive information about local educational psychologists
  • 2. Give your SHCS physician or counselor permission to inform EOP that you have received a referral for testing
  • Option I: Complete Release of Information (ROI) form. Option II: Ask physician or counselor to provide written documentation stating you have been referred for psycho-educational testing and send to
  • 3. Schedule an appointment with an educational psychologist
  • If you have SHIP: Make an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Grimes and contact insurance services to inform them you made an appointment with her and that you have SHIP. Ask the representative to process a “single case agreement”. If you don’t have SHIP, please make an appointment elsewhere.
  • 4. Contact Student Disability Center (SDC)
  • Inform SDC of appointment and request temporary accommodations.
  •  5. Get a cost Estimate
  • Ask the billing representative from the educational psychologist office for a price quote. If needed, follow up with your insurance carrier to determine how much, if any, will be covered by insurance. If the out-of-pocket expenses exceed $600, please consider contacting financial aid and applying for an emergency short term loan.
  • 6. Complete Cognitive Testing Application and wait for a response


Lending Library

This EOP Lending Library service initially was created by our PACs to help alleviate the costs of textbooks for EOP eligible students. EOP Students are able to check out up to two textbooks per quarter on a first come, first serve basis. In 2017, the Lending Library expanded its services to include graduation  caps & gowns, i-clickers, and personal protection equipment, specifically googles and lab coats. To view our inventory, please click here


Fee Waivers/Deferrals