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Whether you graduated from UC Davis in 1970 or 2017, you are embedded into the fabric of EOP. If you want notifications about upcoming EOP events or want to connect with other EOP alumni, you are encouraged to complete the EOP alumni data sheet. Remember: once EOP, always EOP!


Name: Jaime Ramirez-Mendoza

Contact e-mail: jrmramirez@ucdavis.edu

Major at UC Davis: Managerial Economics and Chicana/o Studies

Year of graduation: 2016

Years at UC Davis: 5

Did you participate in STEP? No

Were you employed as a PAC or employed by EOP? Yes

Current employer/field of employment: Destination College Advising Corps and Solano County Educational Consortium/College Advisor

Your #1stOfMany story/experience: When I came to UC Davis, I was the 1st to attend a university. I was lucky enough to be the 1st to win a scholarship that paid for my education, the 1st to conduct academic research, and the 1st to study abroad in Spain. This past year I became the 1st to graduate from a 4-year university. Now, I hope to be the first to finish a Masters & Doctoral program as well. But my journey wasn’t linear; as a student I struggled with homesickness, imposter syndrome, and guilt from being away from my familia, depression, and a constant internal struggle to not only be enough, but also do enough to be make my comunidad proud. Despite my trials & tribulations as a 1st generation student, I stand before you today as a proud UC Davis graduate who strives to make sure his educational achievements are not just firsts, but firsts of many. 

Memorable quote or experience from your time at UC Davis: My most memorable experience at UC Davis was working for EOP. Before I became a PAC, I was one e-signature away from completing my transfer to University of Portland. My troubled experience as an undergrad had reached an impasse, and I was ready to leave UC Davis for good. However, I ultimately concluded that I needed to bet on myself in this dire moment because no one else will. Little did I know EOP would come knocking on my door to apply as a PAC. EOP provided the vital piece that was missing throughout my entire career at UC Davis: a comunidad. A comunidad that empowered me in my defeats and genuinely celebrated my achievements. A comunidad to study with, to vent to, to self-care with. A comunidad to believe in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Because of EOP, I was able to overcome my struggles and graduate with honors. I thank EOP for believing in me, and for helping make my transactional experience at UC Davis a transformational one.

Street Team Internship

The Street Team Internship is a year long commitment designed to assist first year EOP students with gaining valuable professional work experience. 

  • Street Team allows students to network and connect with other students as well as gain life long connections.

  • Students gain the opportunity to learn and get involved in the area student advocacy, more specifically, creating First Generation student awareness.

  • Street Teamers receive academic guidance from experienced peer mentors and expand their knowledge of on-campus resources.