Success Stories

“I gained great research skills by completing original research on my own from beginning to end. This was so much more than just doing research, I ended up gaining a valuable relationship with a professor and had a lot of fun learning from my fellow MURALS' cohort. I would say that the relationships I gained were the most beneficial aspect of the program overall.” -Stephanie Pomales, 2017-2018

“My relationship with my mentor has been the most rewarding. She provided me with so much support and guidance.” -Stacy Ruiz, 2017-18

“MURALS made feel like I belong in Davis and it helped me to feel like people believe in me.” -Kimberly Galindo, 2017-2018 

“The mentoring relationship has been the most beneficial and fruitful; my mentor is incredibly supportive, and has extended incredible opportunities to me.  Learning from my mentor and having her guidance is invaluable; I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity.” -Madison Garcia, 2017-2018 

“MURALS has been great to me! Having its support has helped me to achieve my goals. At the beginning, l feel alone and lost, but having the support of the coordinator and my mentor my self- confidence increased.” -Oralia Chavez Rodriguez, 2017-2018

“MURALS has been instrumental in my preparation to have a well-developed research foundation that I will carry into my graduate education.” -Jimmy Ojeda Pedraza, 2015-2016

“Participating in the MURALS program has benefited me because I have been able to apply the knowledge I learned in my classes to my research…it was a tough journey, but well worth it.” -Jelleny Altamirano, 2015-2016

“I am more confident in my ability as a researcher because I have a tangible project, poster, and publication which confirm my capability.” -Zion Mengesha, 2015-2016

“MURALS has provided me with the opportunity to engage in research, to be among other students doing research, to have access to a mentor, and it provided me with the financial support necessary.” -Carol Garcia, 2015-2016

“Participating in MURALS has been one of my most beneficial experiences at UC Davis. I would not be attending graduate school if it were not for this program.” -Ambar Hernandez, 2015-2016

 “MURALS allowed me to put into practice what I had learned in most of my classes and it really helped to create that link between knowledge and experience.” -Ixchel Martinez, 2012-2013

My mentoring relationship was able to open my eyes to how expansive anthropology is and what a career in anthropology can really be.  Professor Giordano eased all of my fears and my extreme lack of confidence, which I believe helped me in all aspects of school, not just in my research.” -Alexandra Truxton, 2012-2013

I feel that I acquired the ability to research and to navigate the endless bookshelves knowing what to look for.  It helped me focus on what is important and to decide intelligently in order to help my research go forward.  Through this experience, I am now more informed about what it takes to be a graduate student.” -Cindy Hernandez, 2012-2013

 “MURALS has given me the opportunity to explore a side of education that I had not experienced before: research.  It has opened my eyes to a whole new world.” -Cindy Preto, 2012-2013