Program Services

Academic Skill Building 

STEP provides students with skill building services to support their academic engagement. Students practice study skills and habits that promote academic success.  

  • Advising and Registration - STEP students have a team of both peer and career staff that provide general academic advising support. Students are guided through class registration by trained Peer Advising Counselors and receive four quarters of priority registration
  • Classes and Seminars - STEP students participate in a six week residential summer bridge experience and take six units of college credit in writing, math and general education. Students also complete a transitional course in study skills and time management to enhance their academic achievement and personal success. 
  • Tutoring - STEP facilitates the use of academic and tutoring resources to enhance learning. 

Community Building

STEP is an Aggie family to the first generation college students that participate in the program. STEP students serve as leaders within the community, sharing their knowledge to build relationships and expand their personal networks of support. 

  • Orientation - STEP serves as campus orientation for students during the six week summer bridge portion of the program. Students are provided with information on campus resources, attend advising sessions with their colleges and receive registration assistance. 
  • Learning Communities - STEP students live and study in the residence halls during the six week summer bridge portion of the program. The STEP summer bridge experience fosters learning communities around academic disciplines as well as personal and professional interests.
  • Community Activities - EOP Peer Advising Counselors host quarterly social activities to facilitate relationship building within the STEP and EOP community. 

Financial Empowerment

STEP students are encouraged to take financial responsibility by developing the knowledge and skills to make informed and fiscally responsible decisions. 

  • Workshops and Seminars - STEP offers students access to financial skill building workshops and seminars. Additionally, students participate in a Financial Reality Fair where they apply learned concepts to real-life situations. 
  • Educational Modules - STEP students complete online personal financial education modules to build skills for immediate and long term financial success.
  • Scholarships - STEP students are given priority consideration and exclusive access to certain financial awards. 

Personal Development

STEP promotes the continual growth of students by encouraging a healthy mind and healthy body.

  • Counseling - STEP students have access to work with a trained mental health professional through individual appointments and group workshops. 
  • FitWell Activities - STEP students have special access to fitness and wellness services during the Summer. During the academic year, they participate in group exercise classes and fitness runs. 
  • Leadership Training - STEP students build leadership skills that are transferable to internship and career opportunities.