Success Stories

Reflections from STEP Alumni

"As a first generation college student, I was nervous about college. Now, I can't picture how my first year of college would have turned out if I didn't participate in STEP. STEP was beyond helpful going from high school to college. I was able to learn about the resources on campus weeks before the quarter began. I was able to familiarize myself with buildings so I wouldn't get lost my first week of classes at UC Davis. I believe the friendships and connections I've made with my PAC, other PAC's and staff like Edgar and Donelle have impacted me the most. I was able to meet people that made my transition from high school to college wonderful.Stephanie Fonesca


"My summer of my senior year, I was very insecure about what to expect from college being first generation. But I was fortunate enough to be eligible and accepted into the step family of 2016. Step impacted me positively in a way that it gave me a secure group of life long friends prior to entering college and connections to whom I could resort with academic or personal questions. Its not only an awesome three weeks that helped me form connections with peers who looked like me, and made me feel welcomed in the University, but STEP sticks with us throughout the year with perks such as priority registration. Many of my non step friends complained of how hard it is to graduate on time with classes they need not being offered. On top of this, year round we are assigned peer advisors who were of a personal huge help to my academic well being and sense of belonging in the University. I sincerely owe part of my college success thus far to such an amazing program, STEP.—Elsa Jimenez

"The Special Transitional Enrichment Program helped me out of my comfort zone. I came to STEP with an extremely complicated night before therefore, I was afraid to be alone. After I went through my first day I went to sleep comfortable because throughout the day I had shared my story with people that were complete strangers to me. STEP made sure I had a smooth transition from high school to college. STEP is an honor. My experience at STEP will never be forgotten. Through STEP I was able to get familiar with the campus before the school year started and that was one of the advantages that I will for sure take with me. STEP was a family, everybody was everybody's friend, sister, brother and so on. Not only were the students there for each other, the STEP Staff made sure we left with connections one way or another. I cannot imagine myself coming to UC Davis with any knowledge if it wasn't for STEP.—Zainab Qaiser

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Your myadmissions page will be the best starting resource for information about STEP. Once you've looked through the content there, you might also want to check out the EOP Students channel on YouTube.