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We understand the campus directives about remote learning raises some questions. Student Affairs has created and will be updating a page with frequently asked questions for students.

Friends of the Guardian Scholars Program

The Friends of the Guardian Scholars Program allows volunteers and community members to support Guardian Scholars through professional development, mentorship, and financial support.

Professional Partners

Networking with professionals is one of the most effective strategies for helping students create goals and prepare for careers. Professional and Career Development partners provide first-hand knowledge that enables Guardian Scholars to be informed and plan for their future.

  • Be available for informational interviews about jobs and careers
  • Provide job shadowing opportunities
  • Be career/job liaisons for internships and jobs
  • Review resumes, applications and personal statements for specific careers
  • Participate in career meet and greet panels or discussions



A mentor for the Guardian Scholars Program is a volunteer from the UC Davis community, mostly comprised of staff and faculty, that provide our foster youth/former foster youth students with support, counsel, friendship, and advocacy. They are caring listeners who want to help our Guardian Scholars succeed.

Role of Mentor

  • Advice: Provide information, perspectives, and counsel
  • Friend:  Listens, supports growth of student, cheerleader
  • Coach: Provide support, encouragement, and guidance
  • Advocate: Provide access to resources, endorsement, and feelings of security

Mentor Expectations:

  • One academic year commitment
  • Minimum of one biweekly contact (email, phone, in-person)*
  • Minimum of one monthly in-person contact*
  • Participate in the Guardian Scholars mentor training program
  • Participate in Guardian Scholars Mentor Program activities when available
  • Provide monthly updates to the Lead Mentor and/or the Program Coordinator

*Mentors and students are encouraged to connect more often or as needed for the student to succeed.

Mentors and students are welcomed to extend their mentorship after their one-year commitment to continue their friendship, collaboration, and pursuit of the student's goals. 


Financial Support


Foster youth/former foster youth often face insurmountable challenges to higher education without financial support. Many students in the Guardian Scholars Program are considered "independent" for financial aid purposes and/or lack outside financial assistance.  As a result, opportunities for tuition assistance, housing deposits, or book scholarships are necessary for foster youth/former foster youth to achieve their goals.

Program Support

The Guardian Scholars Program relies on grants and the generosity of donors to continue offering comprehensive and holistic support to foster youth/former foster youth.  Every gift reinforces the importance of providing the necessary services, resources, and staff to maximize student success.


Community Partners

If you are interested in more information about partnering with the Guardian Scholars Program, please contact Valeri Garcia, Program Coordinator, 530-752-1211,