Success Coaching and Learning Strategies will offer its services online through Summer 2021. Success workshops will be live webinars via Zoom.

Invest in yourself, invest in your success.

Our workshops cover time management, academic skills, and goal setting topics. All workshops are 50 minutes. No sign-up/RSVP is required to attend. Get bi-weekly reminders about upcoming workshops by joining our listserv, or spot our day-of workshop reminders by following our Instagram stories

Summer 2021 Workshop Calendar


  • Workshop Titles and Descriptions
  • Communicating with Professors: What are best practices for communicating and building relationships with professors? We will discuss e-mail, office hours, and mentorship.

    Designing a Quarter Calendar: Take control of the quarter system! By identifying project-level assignments and exams early you will learn how to better manage your workload.

    Designing a Weekly Schedule: Learn about time management strategies through designing a weekly calendar or making improvements to an existing schedule. Feel good about your 24 hours, 7 days a week!

    Designing and Delivering Presentations: Presentation skills are useful in and outside the classroom. Come learn techniques for creating an effective presentation, as well as best practices for public speaking.

    Focus and Concentration: Explore ways to increase focus and concentration, including strategies to help you stay on task. You will have a chance to reflect on your common distractions and problem solve.

    Goal Setting: Practice using the SMART goal framework to design a goal. We will also explore the power that positive emotion holds in helping us take action toward and achieve our goals.

    Maximizing Lecture: Let’s analyze the role of lecture—expectations, challenges, and opportunities—in our learning. We will discuss strategies to use prior to, during, and after lecture.

    Reading at the Research University: Read to remember! Explore active techniques for engagement and efficiency. We will practice concept mapping as a way to capture and organize the information we read.

    Strategies for Test Taking: How can I become a better test taker? Join us to discuss strategies for maximizing your test grade, including managing test-induced anxiety.

    Study Smarter, Not Harder: How do you know what you know? How do you prepare for exams? Let’s discuss strategies that can help make study sessions more effective and efficient.

    Task Management: Having trouble juggling competing responsibilities and tasks? Let’s discuss how to strike a better balance through prioritization and to-do lists.

    Thrive Versus Survive: Let’s examine our behaviors and habits to design action plans to strengthen our study system. What’s working, what could be working better?

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