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Together, supporting the whole student

Coaching is a one-on-one support model and communication style that is action- and solution-focused. A coach acts in partnership with their coachee, holding space for their self-reflection, goal setting, action planning, and progress monitoring. A coach does not provide solutions or problem solve for the student, but utilizes active listening and powerful questions to support positive, holistic growth that is student-driven. Interested in developing your coaching skills? A day-long, hands-on training is offered quarterly through Staff Development and Professional Services.


Success Coaching and Learning Strategies helps UC Davis students (undergraduate and graduate) take control of their academic, personal, and professional success through one-on-one support and workshops. Our services incorporate elements of self-assessment, skill building, goal setting, action planning, and progress monitoring. 

Students can meet with a success coach to explore habits, priorities, strategies, values, and challenges that may be impacting their college experience.  With a coach they can learn better ways of making their studying more effective and efficient. Our Success Workshops include time management, academic skills, and goal setting topics.


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Success Coaching and Learning Strategies can help you take control of your academic, personal, and professional success through one-on-one appointments and a quarterly workshop series. Workshops cover time management, academic skills, and goal setting topics. Popular workshops include Designing a Weekly Schedule, Reading in the Research University, Study Smarter, Not Harder, and Strategies for Test Taking. Visit for more information.

Student Referrals

Appointments are made online or can be arranged in person or by phone, 117 South Hall (530-752-4475). A self-assessment tool can help direct students to services based on their needs. You can also ask students to include your e-mail when completing the self-assessment, and the results will additionally be e-mailed to you.

Would you like proof of attendance, should you refer students to our workshops? You can download and edit our referral form with an updated list of our workshop titles:

Class Visits

We are happy to a make classroom visit to share a brief overview of our services, or to present our Thrive Versus Survive workshop (50 minutes, with handout). This workshop serves as an academic wellness assessment, and provides best practices across various learning strategies and study habits. Students will also be introduced to the full range of workshops that we offer. Need to cancel class? Invite us to present instead.

Integrated Coaching in Advising Community (ICAC)

Do you take a coach-approach to your work, and want to connect monthly with a campus community of practice? Consider joining the Integrated Coaching in Advising Community. We meet regularly to discuss coaching frameworks and tools, as well as to engage in co-coaching to further develop and receive feedback on our coaching skills. ICAC meets the third Thursday of the month at 3:00pm in 127 South Hall. This community chaired by Lisa Laughter (College of Engineering). Please write Lisa Laughter to be added to our listserv and monthly meeting invite.


  1. Collect and disseminate best practices, strategies, and resources to support a coaching-advising community of practice
  2. Offer a processing space for the challenges and successes of integrating coaching in advising support
  3. Create a space in which advisors can both practice coaching a colleague, and receive coaching (co-coaching)