Coronavirus Information

We understand the campus directives about remote learning raises some questions. Student Affairs has created and will be updating a page with frequently asked questions for students.

Our Services

Our Services

Advising and Registration

TRiO students have a team of both peer and career staff that provide academic advising support. Students are guided through the steps of registering by trained Peer Advisors and receive four quarters of priority registration.

Classes and Seminars

TRiO students have access to preparatory classes in math, writing and science. Students also complete a transitional course in study skills and time management to enhance their academic achievement and personal success.


TRiO facilitates the use of academic and tutoring resources to enhance student learning. The program provides individual tutoring for subjects not offered by Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers.

Learning Communities

TRiO students live in the residence halls during the three week summer bridge portion of the STEP program prior to their first quarter of enrollment. The summer bridge experience fosters learning communities around academic disciplines as well as personal and professional interests. 

Community Activities

TRiO Peer Advisors host quarterly social activities to facilitate relationship building within the TRiO community. One popular event among TRiO students is a workshop in which students learn about and practice proper etiquette while bonding over a shared meal. 

Workshops and Seminars

TRiO offers students access to financial skill building workshops and seminars. Additionally, students participate in a financial reality fair where they apply learned concepts to real life situations. 

Educational Modules

TRiO students complete online personal financial education modules to build skills for immediate and long term financial success.