success coaching

Imagine and plan your holistic success.

Feeling stuck? A success coach can help you take control of your academic, personal, and professional success through self-reflection, skill building, goal setting, and action planning. We listen, ask questions, and serve as your thinking partner.

What are words we hear often? Motivation, goals, procrastination, and productivity. We coach these topics because solutions are not one-size-fits-all. We support you in finding your own unique solutions through helping you better understand your needs, tendencies, and strengths. We are also learning strategists, and can share with you research-based ways to study effectively and efficiently. 

Should I meet with a success coach?

Meeting with a coach might be right for you if you want to:

  • Set a goal, design an action plan, and measure progress with support
  • Work through procrastination and harness your motivators
  • Set priorities, establish and maintain new habits, and balance commitments
  • Better follow your weekly schedule and/or daily to-do list
  • Sharpen your focus and concentration and increase your productivity
  • Study smarter, not harder, and improve your note taking, reading, and review strategies
  • Improve your performance on exams, including better managing test-induced anxiety



  • How is coaching different than advising or mentoring?
  • We work to create space for your own problem solving and action designing, meaning we aim to mostly listen in our sessions, using questions to help you build clarity, understanding, and strategy. We are not academic advisors and cannot answer questions about academic policy, course selection, or progress to degree.
  • Can I meet with the same coach more than once?
  • Try out an initial appointment with a coach, and if it's a good fit, you can elect to see the same coach for two-week check-ins over the quarter. If you pursue ongoing sessions, you will be asked to sign a coaching agreement since we book these sessions in advance. Students have shared previously that ongoing appointments offer valuable accountability.
  • Is coaching a type of mental health support?
  • We are not mental health professionals, and coaching is not therapy or counseling. Coaching instead focuses on maximizing the present and future by emphasizing solutions and actions. For mental health support visit Student Health and Counseling Services.
  • Can my success coach tutor me in certain subjects?
  • Coaching is not tutoring, and our support is not course- or discipline-specific. We address strategies that are useful for any class you might take at UC Davis. For course-specific support (math and science) and writing support visit Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers.



  • Appointments are 30 minutes, and can be a one-time session or an ongoing check-in with the same coach (see our Success Coaching Agreement).
  • If you are signing up for an initial appointment, please be descriptive when filling out the reason for the appointment in the Advising Appointment System. This helps your success coach best prepare for the appointment.
  • Besides signing up online, you can also call or visit 117 South Hall (530-752-4475) to schedule an appointment.

Drop-In Coaching

  • Drop-In Coaching is 15 minutes and is a one-time session that can be signed up for that day online, or by stopping by the front desk.
  • The drop-in hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3-4 p.m.

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