Success Coaching

success coaching

Imagine and plan your holistic success.

Are you feeling stuck? Are you having difficulty reaching your goals? Do you want to better name your priorities, and pursue them? A Success Coach will help you take control of your academic, personal, and professional success through awareness building, goal setting, and action planning.

Your coach will not tell you what to do, but will support you as you design and drive your success. Our Success Coaches are not advisors, tutors, or therapists, but are here to help you maximize your potential and your UC Davis experience.


Should I meet with a Success Coach?

Meeting with a coach may be right for you if you:

  • Want to reflect and build clarify on a goal or change you want to make
  • Are feeling stuck and want a plan forward
  • Want support as you set goals, establish priorities, or measure progress
  • Want to sharpen your focus and concentration and increase productivity
  • Want to better follow your daily/weekly schedule
  • Need more balance among your responsibilities and commitments
  • Are falling behind and would like to get back on track
  • Are in transition and need direction or purpose 
  • Need help connecting with the right resources on campus



  • Appointments are 30 minutes, and can be a one-time session or an ongoing check-in with the same coach.
  • Ongoing sessions are recommended; together we can chart progress over time. Students tell us the ongoing check-ins help keep them on track.
  • Please note that if you are currently signed up for a Learning Strategies appointment, the online system will not let you schedule an additional appointment with a Success Coach. In this case, call or visit 117 South Hall (530-752-4475) and we can manually schedule you the additional appointment.

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