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First-Year Aggie Connections

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Welcome to First-Year Aggie Connections

First-Year Aggie Connections (FYAC) is a fun and interactive program for all new freshmen, transfer and international students. "Connections" are small groups based around a shared purpose, interest or theme and meet regularly for one academic quarter. This program aims to foster fun experiences that empower students to navigate their first year at UC Davis.

Registration Information

Why should you join a First-Year Aggie Connection?

  • Meet new people: Connect with other first-year students you have something in common with.
  • Build community: Create a supportive circle of friends, mentors and allies within the larger UC Davis community.
  • Get to know campus: Figure out the lay of the land and all that UC Davis has to offer.
  • Get involved: Connect with resources, student clubs, jobs, leadership opportunities and more.
  • Get connectedCreating connections both in and out of class is an essential part of the first-year student experience and for building success at UC Davis. 

Winter 2023 timeline

  • December 1st - Registration now open!!
  • January 20th - Registration closes