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Connections in this category are your introduction to campus groups for shared interests and backgrounds. Learn more about each group below and follow the instructions under each Connection to register.

AandPI Aggies

This Connection is affiliated with the Asian and Pacific Islander Aggies (AandPIA) Living Learning Community and the Strategic Asian and Pacific Islander Retention Initiative (SAandPIRI). This Connection is for those interested in Asian American & Pacific Islander culture, history, and community. Participants in this FYAC will have the opportunity to learn about campus resources; meet AandPI community members including faculty and staff; and is designed to assist new Aggies with their transition to UC Davis. This FYAC is open to all students who identify with or who are interested in learning more about the Asian American & Pacific Islander community.

  • Day & Time: Thursdays (2:10-3:00pm); Olive Main (Tercero housing area)
  • Format: in-person, on-campus
  • Registration: This Connection is non-credit and open to all new students (first-year freshman, transfer, and international students). Register for "AandPI Aggies" in AggieLife.
  • Questions? Email Christopher Pangelina (cvpangelina@ucdavis.edu)

DOCU-this, DOCU-that! (EOP)

Share and discuss some of your favorite documentaries, docuseries, docu-podcasts, docu-books, and more! This is a great opportunity learn about many social, cultural, economic, political, health, and environmental domestic and global issues that affect us all. This Connection is open to anyone who likes to learn new things about the life experiences and hxstories embedded in the fabric we call humanity. This Connection is led by EOP Assistant Director, Dr. Candice Brooks, and is open to EOP students.

  • Day & Time: Wednesdays (3:10-4:00pm); Dutton 3218
  • Format: in-person, on-campus
  • Registration (EOP students only): This Connection is non-credit and exclusive for EOP students. Register for "DOCU-this, DOCU-that!" in AggieLife. 

Don't Fr-Econ Out!: Economics Transfer Student Success

This Connection is exclusively for new Economics transfer students. Meet ECN faculty, explore support offices and student organizations, and get to meet your fellow students. This experience will be great for helping transfer students transition to UC Davis and the Economics Department.

Flyer for ECN FYAC

  • Day & Time: Wednesdays (2:10-3:00pm); Social Science & Humanities Room 1131
  • Format: in-person, on-campus
  • Registration (transfer students only): This Connection is for credit and exclusive for transfer students. Register in Schedule Builder during your passtime (CRN: 30078).

Future Black Professionals

Future Black Professionals, stand up! Find your circle + secure the bag. This Connection is hosted by the Student Startup Center, and we're here to support you in displaying your Black Excellence. Practicing your entrepreneurial skills improves your chances of career success, whether you choose to be an employee or entrepreneur. Over 60% of the Fortune 500 (the US's largest companies) indicated that the ability to think creatively is more important than intelligence. Over 70% of existing organizations cite innovation and "intrapreneurship" as a key factor in their future growth and success. Get these skills on lock, meet administrators and professors invested in your success, connect with Build Black's guide to academic success, and prepare to enter an idea in the Ideas Competition and win $1,000! Entrepreneurship is for everyone. We are all capable. Join us on this journey! We'll walk you through step by step.

*This identity-based Connection is a focused experience for first-year undergraduate students of the African diaspora at UC Davis

  • Day & Time: Wednesdays (11:00-11:50); 1503 Bainer Hall
  • Format: in-person, on-campus
  • Registration: This Connection is non-credit and open to ALL new first-year students (freshmen, transfer, and international students). Register for "Future Black Professionals" in AggieLife. 

Future Educators: School of Education Network

Do you like helping others and having a positive impact in your community? Maybe you're an older sibling or have experience in childcare, tutoring, or student leadership? If so, a future career in Education may be for you!

The UC Davis School of Education is preparing the best education leaders, researchers, and teachers in the country. As you begin your UC Davis journey, you can educate yourself about the School of Education community, the undergraduate minor, and their academic/professional development programs (teaching credential, PhD, EdD). Hear from School of Ed. faculty and graduate students about their research centers and projects, reflect on your own educational journey, and start scripting options for your major and career pathway. You'll also learn about high paying on campus jobs for undergraduate students, like tutoring, that will earn you money now and help prepare you for a future career in Education. Together we'll form a small community of new students just like yourself who understand the power of knowledge and the promise of education.

  • Day & Time: Thursdays (4:10-5:00pm); 121 Olson Hall
  • Format: in-person, on-campus
  • Registration: This Connection is non-credit and open to all new students (first-year freshman, transfer, and international students). Register for "Future Educators" in AggieLife. 

Get Your Board Game On!

STEPpers: Ready for this new STEP in the Game of Life? This Connection is exclusively for STEP 2023 program students who have a love for tabletop games (card games, board games, and more!) Along with playing some favorite and classic games, we also will have group discussions about important topics to get you settled at Davis. Worried life might become a teetering Jenga tower? We’ll discuss wellness and success skills. Don’t want to “Draw 2” more years in college? We’ll cover academic advising resources too. We want to help you navigate the Chutes and Ladders of UC Davis, so join this Connection and get your game on!

  • Day & Time: Fridays (10:00-10:50); 114 South Hall
  • Format: in-person, on-campus
  • Registration (STEP 2023 students only): This Connection is non-credit and exclusive for STEP 2023 program students. Register for "Get Your Board Game On!" in AggieLife. 

Mi Aggie Familia: Navigating UC Davis as a First-Gen Chicanx Latinx Aggie

Calling all first-gen Aggies! Through this Connection, you will explore campus centers and resources, listen to guest speakers, and connect with your fellow first-gen Chicanx Latinx Aggies. Your facilitators, Jessica and Alondra, know the struggles of being a first-generation college student and want to help guide you in navigating your identity and community. Students will have the opportunity to explore their identity through discussions, workshops, and fun activities. Let's celebrate being first-gen Chicanx Latinx students together!

  • Day & Time: Tuesdays (11:00-11:50 am); 114 South Hall
  • Format: in-person, on campus 
  • Registration: This Connection is non-credit and open to all new students (first-year freshman, transfer, and international students). Register for "Mi Aggie Familia" in AggieLife. 

Native Americans Building Connections and Strengthening Community (NAS 198)

This Connection will work toward developing a “home away from home” where your values as a Native American are recognized, your student academic successes and accomplishments are celebrated and your contributions to your community are honored as you are.

*If you have program related questions or want more specific information about this FYAC, please email Michelle Villegas-Frazier (mavillegas@ucdavis.edu).

  • Day & Time: Class meeting day & time will be set by cohort members (beginning week 2)
  • Format: This Connection will be hosted in-person, on-campus at the Native Nest
  • Registration: This Connection is for credit and open to all new students (first-year freshman, transfer, and international students). Register for this Connection in ScheduleBuilder during your passtime (CRN 41860). 

You 'N Research

Curious about One Health? Excited to jump into research? Want to start building a network at UC Davis? Come join us! The Global Disease Biology (GDB) major uses an integrated approach to advance student understanding of the concept(s) of disease, the societal and personal impacts of past, present and future diseases, and the science behind disease discoveries, causes, evolution, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. A degree in Global Disease Biology prepares graduates with the knowledge, skills and experiences required to excel and lead in an array of professions, such as: healthcare, medicine, public health, health policy, food safety, and conservation, as each relates to disease and health of people, animals, plants and the environment globally.

Learning how to adjust to a new town, new school, a large campus and a new major can seem like a lot, but in this FYAC, you work closely with GDB’s Advising Team to help with these big transitions! The main focus of the “You 'N Research” Connection is to help students in the GDB major explore the GDB curriculum and campus resources and services, identify and pursue research opportunities, develop creative and critical thinking skills, cultivate helpful study tips and strategies, and establish a supportive network of peers, staff and faculty – one step at a time.

*If you have GDB major related questions or specific questions about this FYAC, please email gdb-advise@ucdavis.edu.

FYAC information flyer

  • Day & Time: Tuesdays (12:10-1:00pm); 176 Hutchinson
  • Format: in-person, on-campus
  • Registration (GDB majors only): This Connection is non-credit and exclusive for GDB majors. Register for "You 'N Research" in AggieLife. 

You Are Not Alone: Community for Reentry Students

Reentry students are 25 and older, have a spouse/partner, are parents, serving as caregivers for adult family members, and/or returning from a break in education. As a reentry student, you may feel like you’re the only older student in your classes, but you are not alone – there are over 1,500 reentry students at UC Davis! This Connection is designed to apply your strengths and wealth of past experience toward a successful start at UC Davis. Through this group, you'll have the opportunity to network with other reentry students, learn about the Transfer and Reentry Center and the Older Wiser Learners (OWLs) student organization, and get invited to special programming during fall quarter planned just for reentry students like you. Join us, you are not alone!

  • Day & Time: Thursdays (4:10-5:00pm); Transfer & Reentry Center
  • Format: in-person, on-campus
  • Registration (reentry students only): This Connection is non-credit and exclusive for reentry students. Register for "You Are Not Alone" in AggieLife. 
  • Questions? Email Marissa Weiss (mlweiss@ucdavis.edu