Your Guide to UC Davis

Are you ready to connect but not sure where to start? These Connections are perfect for you! These Connections focus on how to transition well at UC Davis and serve as a guide to campus life.

  • Fall 2020 Connections now closed! 
  • Quarter in the Cloud - Introduction to the University System

    Introduction to resources supporting first-year students’ academic success at UC Davis and transition to a Tier-1 Research University. Lectures will be videos and other information from departments across campus designed specifically to identify and address the tools international undergraduate students will need to succeed at UC Davis. There will be small discussion groups each week and students will have to sign up for a discussion section once the quarter starts. Discussions will further discuss information from the videos and other information given each week.

    • Day & Time: Options to join a weekly discussion section will be offered once the quarter begins 
    • Registration: Registration for this connection is now closed.  

    Participating departments include:

    • Academic Assistance & Tutoring Centers 
    • Library Services 
    • Student Support and Judicial Affairs 
    • Global Learning Hub 
    • Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 
    • Undergraduate Research Center
    • Center for Student Involvement
    • Internship and Career Center
    • Student Disability Center
    • First Year Aggie Connections Peer Mentors

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  • Life Group: Life Lessons Beyond the Classroom

    Congrats, you made it to college! Prepare yourself to learn A LOT from textbooks, lectures and labs. But what about lessons on life? Negotiating through conflicts? Living life with integrity? Skills that go beyond the classroom? Come learn and discuss some life lessons distilled from the best-selling books "Ride of a Lifetime" by Bob Iger (CEO of Disney), "Never Split the Difference" by Chris Voss (former FBI hostage negotiator), "Made to Stick" by Dan Heath, and "Integrity" by Henry Cloud. No need to read all of these books - meetings will be discussion-based, so just come ready to hang out, make new friends, and equip yourself with some practical tools for success in your academic career and beyond!

    • Day & Time: Tuesdays (8:00-9:00pm)
    • Waitlist: Registration for this connection is now closed. 

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  • STEP 1st Year Snapshot (section 1 & 2)

    You’ve made it through summer STEP and now you’re wondering, “what do I do?” The answer is, get connected with our aggie connection. In this connection you will be the expert of your own experiences. You will have the opportunity to photograph and showcase the first of many experiences during your first year in college. This FYAC will celebrate your transition into your first quarter and will provide the opportunity to stay connected with fellow STEPpers. 

    Open to STEP students only

    Section 1:

    • Day/Time: Tuesdays (2:00 – 3:00 PM)
    • Registration: Registration for this connection is now closed. 

    Section 2: 

    • Day/Time: Wednesdays (11:00AM – 12:00 PM)
    • Registration: Registration for this connection is now closed. 

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  • Food For Thought

    Food for Thought: Exploring Basic Needs participants will explore campus efforts to improve health equity and reach the UC Davis students most in need. You will learn about campus resources, including food security programs, medical services, counseling services, and health education and promotion services, as well as the barriers that prevent students from utilizing these resources. Additionally, we will touch on social determinants of health, food systems, health care systems, weight stigma, and research limitations and gaps in relation to health equity. Throughout the quarter, we will explore select career paths within the food and health care industries by examining some of the existing food- and health-related programs on campus, including UC Davis Teaching Kitchen. We will also discuss opportunities for involvement in this area during your time at UC Davis, including volunteer and paid positions. 

    (Food for Thought: Exploring Basic Needs participants will be able to provide support to and participate in UC Davis Teaching Kitchen programming and curriculum development.)

    • Day/Time: Tuesdays (4:10-5pm) 
    • Registration: Registration for this connection is now closed. 

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  • Earn While You Learn: Explore ASUCD

    Explore ASUCD (Associated Students of the University of California, Davis) - Where you can earn while you learn and expand your campus connections at the same time!

    Together we will explore over a dozen student run businesses that are operated on campus which YOUR student fees pay for. Find out where you can work on campus to be able to drive a bus, plan an event, host a concert, bake delicious desserts, fix a flat tire, write an article, organize food donations, and so much more - and get paid while doing it!

    Learn about student government, organizational operations, and what it takes to run a successful business. ASUCD students graduate with valuable skills that they have learned while working here, as they get to take on incredible levels of responsibility as they continue to grow skills and elevate their positions year after year.

    Working at any of the exciting ASUCD businesses gives you hands on work experience and allows you to join groups of students with similar interests too. It quickly expands your campus ‘community’ and ensures that you make valuable connections and new friendships, while providing opportunities to work part-time, grow skills and assume responsibility at the same time.

    • Day & Time: Wednesdays (11:00-11:50) 
    • Waitlist: Registration for this connection is now closed. 

    ASUCD operations we will explore include:

    • The California Aggie - newspaper and online media source for UCD campus
    • KDVS - campus freeform radio station
    • The CoHo - campus coffeehouse
    • Bike Barn - bike repair and sales
    • Unitrans - campus and city bus line - 100% student driven busses
    • Aggie Reuse - campus thrift shop
    • ASUCD Executive office - Student Government
    • Picnic Day - annual campus open house
    • Whole Earth Festival - annual campus art and music festival 
    • The Pantry - food bank for students
    • Creative Media - marketing and technical assistance provider for ASUCD
    • Aggie Studios - video marketing
    • Entertainment Council - campus music and entertainment services

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  • A Sense of Place

    What is it about a place that you love? Geography? People? Traditions? How do you adapt to being in a new place? This Connection offers newcomers the chance to learn more about the place that is Davis as much as to understand how we create our sense of place. Whether here, home, abroad or online, we are always adapting and negotiating to the times and places we inhabit. This Connection is student driven with opportunities to share and learn from each other as well as from guests.

    • Day & Time: Tuesdays (10:00-10:50am)
    • Registration: Registration for this connection is now closed. 

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  • Global Aggies Facing Global Challenges

    In this Connection, you will learn about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how they define key global challenges that all countries must address. You will have an opportunity to meet current and recent UC Davis students and faculty who are addressing one or more of these challenges in their research or community-based work both in the US and abroad. You will also have a chance to see how your interests—including your major—connect to these global challenges and find ways to get engaged with them now!

    • Day & Time: Thursdays (9:00-9:50am)
    • Waitlist: Registration for this connection is now closed. 

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  • Repping the Rural

    In this Connection, students from rural areas will have the opportunity to meet other students from small towns. Together we will explore the UC Davis community and facilities as well as our own diversity as a unique student group. We will discuss the unique backgrounds that we all come from while reflecting on the advantages and disadvantages rural life has upon our academic choices. This Connection will engage new UC Davis students by attending short informational lectures, engaging in group experiences, and group discussions. Although this Connection is open to all new Aggies, it is intended for students who are transitioning from a rural community to UC Davis.

    • Day & Time: Fridays (11:00-11:50am)
    • Registration: Registration for this connection is now closed. 

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  • Aggies in Action: Networking, Community Service, Traditions

    Learn how to get involved in Networking, Community Service and Traditions on campus. In this Connection, staff at the Cal Aggie Alumni Association and UC Davis alumni will share tips for building a professional network, giving back to the community, and making the most out of your time at UC Davis. During our Connection, we will also complete some of the 49 Aggie traditions! Traditions are a fun way to learn about campus and build community.

    • Day & Time: Tuesdays (3:10-4:00pm)
    • Waitlist: Registration for this connection is now closed. 

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  • How to Decode the Library

    Get oriented to the Library and learn information research tips from UC Davis librarians so you will excel as a student. Knowing how to navigate the Library will help you produce quality projects and assignments and enhance your confidence as a scholar.

    • Day & Time: Mondays (3:10- 4:00pm)
    • Waitlist: Registration for this connection is now closed. 

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