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Connections in this category go beyond major, minor and academic disciplines. Learn more about each group below and follow the instructions under each Connection to register.


Aggies Gone Wild(Life)

Join the Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology advising team to learn about opportunities for research, fieldwork, courses within the department, and pathways to vet school. Students will have the opportunity to meet other new first-year and current students in the WFCB major, while also connecting with department faculty and staff.

  • Day & Time: Wednesdays (5:10-6:00pm); 1371-1375 Academic Surge
  • Format: This Connection will be hosted in-person, on-campus
  • Registration: This Connection is non-credit and open to all new students (first-year freshman, transfer, and international students). Register for "Aggies Gone Wild(life)" in AggieLife. 

Black Students in White Coats

Are you feeling discouraged in pursuing medicine as a student of color? Health Professions Advising (HPA) is passionate about supporting the diversity of pre-health undergraduate students here at UC Davis. Join HPA as we welcome current Black medical students and Kaiser physicians to share their individual journeys into medicine. Each week, we’ll have a panel of professionals that will share advice and strategies on how to navigate this path. You’ll receive inspiring and practical guidance for beginning your pre-health journey. You’ll also have time to ask lots of questions, so get connected!

*This identity-based Connection is a focused experience for first-year undergraduate students of the African diaspora at UC Davis

  • Day & Time: Tuesdays (6:10-7:00pm)
  • Format (virtual): This Connection will be hosted virtually. Zoom link will be provided before the first meeting.
  • Registration: This Connection is not for credit and open to all new students (first-year freshman, transfer, and international students). Register for "Black Students in White Coats" in AggieLife.  

Don't Fr-Econ Out!: Economics Transfer Student Success

This Connection is exclusively for new Economics transfer students. Meet ECN faculty, explore support offices and student organizations, and get to meet your fellow students. This experience will be great for helping transfer students transition to UC Davis and the Economics Department.

Flyer for ECN FYAC

  • Day & Time: Wednesdays (2:10-3:00pm); Social Science & Humanities Room 1131
  • Format: in-person, on-campus
  • Registration (transfer students only): This Connection is for credit and exclusive for transfer students. Register in Schedule Builder during your passtime (CRN: 30078).

Finding your Career Cure in Medicine: Path to becoming a physician

Explore careers in becoming a physician or careers in healthcare that impact communities of color. Through this Aggie Connection, you will learn how to obtain experience while at UC Davis to prepare for a career in medicine/healthcare, learn about the different types of physician and specialties, and how to conduct a career search. The goal of this Connection is to expose students to healthcare careers, hear from current medical students/residents, and build new connections. We will be meeting via Zoom for most sessions with an exception of a few in-person meetup opportunities. Open to all majors!

  • Day & Time: Mondays (11:00-11:50am), virtual 
  • Format (virtual): most sessions will be hosted via Zoom, with the exception of a few in-person meetup opportunities
  • Registration: This Connection is non-credit and open to all new students (first-year freshman, transfer, and international students). Register for "Career Cure" in AggieLife. 

Future Educators: School of Education Network

Do you like helping others and having a positive impact in your community? Maybe you're an older sibling or have experience in childcare, tutoring, or student leadership? If so, a future career in Education may be for you!

The UC Davis School of Education is preparing the best education leaders, researchers, and teachers in the country. As you begin your UC Davis journey, you can educate yourself about the School of Education community, the undergraduate minor, and their academic/professional development programs (teaching credential, PhD, EdD). Hear from School of Ed. faculty and graduate students about their research centers and projects, reflect on your own educational journey, and start scripting options for your major and career pathway. You'll also learn about high paying on campus jobs for undergraduate students, like tutoring, that will earn you money now and help prepare you for a future career in Education. Together we'll form a small community of new students just like yourself who understand the power of knowledge and the promise of education.

  • Day & Time: Thursdays (4:10-5:00pm); 121 Olson Hall
  • Format: in-person, on-campus
  • Registration: This Connection is non-credit and open to all new students (first-year freshman, transfer, and international students). Register for "Future Educators" in AggieLife. 

Future Grad Students

The Future Grad Students Connection supports students currently exploring or preparing to enter graduate school. We will discuss campus opportunities and resources that can make UC Davis students more competitive in the application process. Students will craft an action plan as part of the seminar that outlines their path to graduate school. Open to transfer students of all disciplines interested in a Masters or Ph.D.

  • Day & Time: Tuesdays (11:00-11:50am); 121 Olson Hall
  • Format: in-person, on-campus
  • Registration (transfer only): This Connection is non-credit and exclusive for transfer students. Register for "Future Grad Students" in AggieLife. 

Future Law Students

This FYAC meets once a week, 6 times throughout the quarter to discuss how to best prepare for and apply to law school. In this Connection for transfers (freshman may be added if space allows), students will attend meetings designed to help them define academic and professional goals as they relate to law school, and will design a timeline and plan to prepare for the application process. In addition, students will explore relevant campus resources. This Connection is intended for transfer students of any discipline interested in a juris doctorate (JD).

  • Day & Time: Fridays (11:00-11:50am); 114 South Hall
  • Format: in-person, on-campus
  • Registration (transfer only): This Connection is non-credit and exclusive for transfer students. Freshman students may be added if space allows. Register for "Future Law Students" in AggieLife. 

Global Pathfinders: Charting a Path to Global Learning

We live in an interconnected world. New students come to UC Davis with many types of global experiences already. You may be from an immigrant family, from a diverse community, multilingual, or an international student. It doesn't matter what your background is, what your major is, or what your career goals are, we ALL need skills and knowledge to successfully operate in a global world.

Study abroad is one way to experience global learning, but there's so much more that UC Davis has to offer. We have programs for students to go abroad, virtual opportunities, and even things to do right here on campus. Research, internships, community engagement, intercultural workshops, leadership and mentorship programs, and the Global Studies minor are just some of the opportunities you can get involved with. Come learn about scholarships and available funding, free or low-cost programs, and programs you can even get paid for participating in.

The goal of this Connection is to orient students early on to what global learning is and all of the resources the Global Learning Hub has to offer. We will also explore and develop some of the key global and intercultural skills necessary for a global workforce. There are so many global learning opportunities, it's time to get informed now so you can make amazing choices about your involvement for the rest of your time at UC Davis and beyond.

  • Day & Time: Tuesdays (10:00-10:50am); Olive Main (Tercero Housing area)
  • Format: in-person, on-campus
  • Registration: This Connection is non-credit and open to ALL new first-year students (freshmen, transfer, and international students). Register for "Global Pathfinders" in AggieLife. 

Introduction to Middle East/South Asia Studies

This is a one-quarter, 2-unit seminar that provides a basic introduction to the peoples and cultures of Middle East and South Asia (ME/SA), designed especially for students of South Asian or Middle Eastern backgrounds, students interested in finding out more about these areas of the world, and students considering a Major or Minor in the Middle East/South Asia Studies (ME/SA) Program. Lectures and interactive sessions are specifically designed to help students acquire the basic knowledge of the histories, cultures, languages, literatures, societies, and geopolitical significance of this vast geographical area shared between the countries of Middle East and South Asia, connected through the Indian Ocean and the Arabian sea and the overland corridor of Afghanistan and Central Asia – home to a quarter of the earth’s population, with India in South Asia, with 1.3 billion people and Egypt, in the Middle East, with 90 million plus. Taken together, the region is also where more than half of the world’s total population of Muslims live, with India home to the second largest Muslim population in the world. These facts alone make the study of ME/SA of enormous interest to all who are interested in Global Learning.

This seminar is designed with a view to help our students gain a greater understanding and deeper knowledge of the societies, histories, languages, literatures and religions of Arab, South Asian, and diasporic Americans living in the U.S. Sessions will be devoted to themes such as: ‘The Worlds of Islam’; ‘Many Faces of the Indian Subcontinent’; ‘Iran, Persia and the Persianate World’ and ‘The Crossroads of Afghanistan’. The course will also teach students how to develop basic skills of writing, oral presentation, and academic planning, and also introduce them to valuable on-campus resources relating to the study of ME/SA.

  • Day & Time: Tuesdays (4:10-6:00pm); Olson 244
  • Format: in-person, on-campus
  • Registration: This Connection is for-credit and open to all new students (first-year freshman, transfer, and international students). Register in Schedule Builder during your passtime (CRN 34256).

Narrative Medicine: Finding the value of your story in the process of preparing for medicine

In partnership with the Narrative Pre-Health Journal, this Connection will help students understand the value that they bring to medicine through the Humanities. Observation, analysis, empathy, and reflection combined, act as powerful tools for how we process the human experience. This Connection will expose students to different topics/perspectives in healthcare through a variety of mediums (writing, reading, video, etc.) where they will be able to engage with the material through group discussion and written reflection. Participants will produce writing that can be submitted for publication in our literary journal.

  • Day & Time: Thursdays (2:10-3:00pm); 121 Olson Hall
  • Format: This Connection will be hosted in-person, on-campus
  • Registration: This Connection is not for credit and open to all new students (first-year freshman, transfer, and international students). Registration for this connection is now full. Please visit "Narrative Medicine" in AggieLife to join the waitlist for this group.