FYAC group with horse

Creating connections both in and out of class is an essential part of the first-year experience and for building success at UC Davis. Joining a First-Year Aggie Connection is a great way to meet new people, explore campus resources, get involved and connect socially.

FYAC Student Stories

Daniela Martinez

Daniela Antonio

  • Freshman
  • 2023

“I decided to join a FYAC because I knew that I was going to meet new people. As a first-year student, the first thing you want to do is to meet new people, get involved, and make new friends. This was also a way for me to get involved in something fun that would kind of take some stress away from all the school work we are given.” -Aggie Traditions fall 2019 / winter 2020

Rahul George

Rahul George

  • International Student

“I joined the “Introverts Unite (Quietly)!” Connection and I thought it’d help me acclimate to college life. This program was a good place to feel connected with fellow Aggies and find people with similar interests. In fact, I joined another Connection winter quarter 2020.” -Foundations for International Student Success, fall 2019/ Introverts Unite (Quietly)! winter 2020

Nick Loftus

Nick Loftus

  • Transfer Student

“One thing I liked is that it was a really easy, low commitment way to meet people I otherwise wouldn’t meet and get experience in the campus community I wouldn’t otherwise get. It’s an easy way to build community and get to know campus and be comfortable. If for nothing else, it’s worth it even going to a building I’ve never been to or a part of campus I’m not familiar with.” - Multiple Connections, fall 2019/winter 2020

Picture of Marilynn Wong

Marilynn Wong

  • Peer Mentor
Being a part of FYAC provided me with a fun opportunity to connect with new students as a peer mentor. I had the chance to further my leadership, time management, organization, and planning skills, while also communicating with my peers and advisor. It was cool to learn about new topics on wellness and self care with new students who were entering their first year at UC Davis. I was able to assist my peers in finding resources on campus and give them helpful tips while also sharing with them my experiences as an undergrad. It was also very cool to meet UC Davis advisors and counselors as they were supportive in leading the connection.
My favorite memory as a peer mentor was participating in activities with my peers. My group went to the arboretum and saw the beautiful and relaxing nature which helped us to de-stress. We also went to the ARC where my group worked out to finish the quarter strong! Other fun memories were meeting virtually and playing online games!