FYAC group with horse

Creating connections both in and out of class is an essential part of the first-year experience and for building success at UC Davis. Joining a First-Year Aggie Connection is a great way to meet new people, explore campus resources, get involved and connect socially.

FYAC Student Stories

Daniela Martinez

Daniela Antonio

  • Freshman
  • 2023

“I decided to join a FYAC because I knew that I was going to meet new people. As a first-year student, the first thing you want to do is to meet new people, get involved, and make new friends. This was also a way for me to get involved in something fun that would kind of take some stress away from all the school work we are given.” -Aggie Traditions fall 2019 / winter 2020

Rahul George

Rahul George

  • International Student

“I joined the “Introverts Unite (Quietly)!” Connection and I thought it’d help me acclimate to college life. This program was a good place to feel connected with fellow Aggies and find people with similar interests. In fact, I joined another Connection winter quarter 2020.” -Foundations for International Student Success, fall 2019/ Introverts Unite (Quietly)! winter 2020

Nick Loftus

Nick Loftus

  • Transfer Student

“One thing I liked is that it was a really easy, low commitment way to meet people I otherwise wouldn’t meet and get experience in the campus community I wouldn’t otherwise get. It’s an easy way to build community and get to know campus and be comfortable. If for nothing else, it’s worth it even going to a building I’ve never been to or a part of campus I’m not familiar with.” - Multiple Connections, fall 2019/winter 2020

Jennifer Paredes sitting on UC Davis brick

Jennifer Paredes

  • Peer Mentor

Becoming a peer mentor has been one of the most self-fulfilling experiences I’ve had at UC Davis thus far. Being a peer mentor has offered me with the opportunity to meet with a number of students that I most likely wouldn’t have met otherwise. The strong sense of belonging within the FYAC community has strengthened my interpersonal skills and continues to be the reason why I enjoy being a peer mentor. The fact that all FYAC peer mentors and staff love what they do makes everything feel much more rewarding. I strongly believe that mentor/mentee programs are of great benefit, and becoming a peer mentor has done nothing but reinforce that idea of mine. The amount of support that I receive as a peer mentor encourages and motivates me to continue serving my mentees to the best of my ability.