Your Social Justice Interests

Social justice isn’t just a concept, it’s your passion. Be a changemaker, and be the difference. Find Connections to expand your cultural awareness.

  • Fall 2020 Connections Now Available! 


  • My Blackness in Pop Culture

    Students will have an opportunity to discuss different topics in the black community and be able to engage in conversation on these topics as they have shown themselves in popular culture and their lives. Each week we will be examining shows, movies, music and movements that demonstrate the topic for that week. We will discuss code-switching, what it means to be "black," protecting your energy and many more topics. This is an inclusive space is intended for black students to talk about their identities and experiences.

    • Day & Time: Tuesdays (2:10-3:00pm)
    • Registration: This Connection is not for credit. Use this link to register in AggieLife.

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  • First Gen & First to Know: Connecting with Campus Resources & Research

    Are you the first in your family to attend college? Do you find yourself wishing you heard about opportunities sooner? Join this group and connect with fellow first-gen students as we learn how to get involved in research, how to navigate campus resources (both academic and non-academic), pathways to careers and graduate school, and how to be a successful Aggie right out the gate!

    The topics of discussion vary as this Connection is meant to be tailored to what students want to learn about, but may include themes like study habits/tips and tricks, time management and balancing a job with school, how to get into a lab, trials and triumphs of first-gen students, the importance of networking as an undergraduate, scholarship opportunities, "so you wanna go to grad school?", and many more!

    • Day & Time: Tuesdays (9:00-9:50am)
    • Waitlist: This Connection is full. Use this link to be added to the waitlist in AggieLife.

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  • Category is: RuPaul's Drag Race Extravaganza

    In this FYAC we'll be viewing, critiquing, and analyzing episodes of the TV show RuPaul's Drag Race. As we watch, we'll be engaging in dialogue about the impacts of RuPaul's Drag Race on mainstream media, and the effects this has had on the LGBTQIA+ Community and heteronormative culture in the U.S. 

    This Connection is a closed group for Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) students only. 

    • Day & Time: Thursdays (11:00-11:50am) 
    • Registration: This Connection is not for credit. Use this link to register in AggieLife.

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