Learning Strategies

learning strategies

Study smarter, not harder.

Want to make your learning strategies more effective and efficient? Are study habits that worked in high school or community college not getting you the results you want at UC Davis?

A Learning Strategist will help you explore strategies for mastering class material. By first naming what is currently working with your study system and what needs to change, your Learning Strategist will help you strengthen your learning habits and study skills to maximize your academic performance. 

This support is not course- or discipline-specific, but addresses strategies that are useful for any class you might take at UC Davis.


Should I meet with a Learning Strategist?

Meeting with a strategist may be right for you if you:

  • Spend long hours studying, but don't see the results you expect
  • Want to make improvements to your study strategies and habits
  • Want to strengthen academic skills like note taking, reading, and test taking
  • Want to maximize your performance on exams (including managing test-induced anxiety)
  • Have a GPA that is lower than where you would like it to be
  • Need help connecting with the right resources on campus



  • Appointments are 30 minutes and are one-time consultations with the option of follow-up appointments.
  • When signing up, please provide a reason for the appointment that best captures what you would like to discuss. Under "special situations" it is recommended to select one situation that best represents your priority for the appointment, to help your Learning Strategist best prepare. 
  • Please note that if you are currently signed up for a Success Coaching appointment, the online system will not let you schedule an additional appointment with a Learning Strategist. In this case, call or visit 117 South Hall (530-752-4475) and we can manually schedule you the additional appointment.

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